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Focusing on foreign trade export, Shanghai Yan Sen provides a variety of trending bottles, jars as well as all kinds of bottle accessories. The materials of bottles and jars cover plastic and aluminum with high quality and impressive design.

  • Foamer Bottles Wholesale
    Foamer bottle is really easy to use, which is very convenient for travel because you can easily solve the problem of washing with foamer bottles. Yansen's foamer bottles have good seal effect and are easy to carry, suitable for everyone.
  • PET Bottles Wholesale
    PET bottles are not only widely used for packaging carbonated beverages, drinking water, fruit juices, and tea beverages, etc., they are the most used beverage packaging today, but also widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging and many other fields. Our PET bottles are of different specifications, meeting all your requirements.
  • PET Jar Wholesale
    Our bottles and jars can be applied in pharmaceuticals to make sure that the drugs are not easy to spoil.
  • Aluminum Bottles Wholesale
    Aluminum bottles are lightweight, non-toxic with good corrosion resistance and long service life. Our aluminum bottles are safe and reliable, not easy to break, which are convenient for transportation.
  • Bottle Accessories Wholesale
    Yansen not only provides different kinds of bottles, but the accessories of bottles are also available to purchase, such as flip cap, disc cap, screw cap, lotion pump, mist sprayer.

Shanghai Yansen, a custom bottling & packaging Inc., was founded in May 2019, relying on its own production enterprise in Jiangsu province. We are focusing on foreign trade business of daily necessities (such as empty packaging bottles), providing all kinds of cosmetic container bottles packaging, including but not limited to plastic bottles and jars, aluminium bottles and jars, PETG bottles, and different kinds of accessories. 

As a reliable bottle container manufacturer, Yansen provides reusable and environmental-friendly bottles and jars for shampoo, hand sanitiser, shower gel, essential oil, emulsion, etc.


Products made by Yansen, such as bottles, jars and accessories, have a wide range of applications including personal care, sustainable packaging, industrial chemical, pharmaceutical, food storage and cosmetics. In addition, as one of the top bottle jar manufacturers, Yansen provides empty packaging bottles of different volumes at a reasonable price, which could meet different requirements of purchasers.

  • Personal Care
    Yansen's products can be applied in moisturizing lotions, sun lotions shampoos, soaps, body washes and other personal care products.
  • Food And Beverage
    Yansen provide different kinds of bottles and jars, which are good methods for storing food and beverage with long retention time.
  • Cosmetic Containers
    Not only our bottles and jars with different specifications but also our accessories such as mist sprayers can be applied in the cosmetics industry.
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