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  • What is the Principle of Foam Bottle? How to Use a Travel Foam Bottle?
    Jul 14 , 2022
    1. What is the principle of travel-size foaming bottle?The hand sanitizer is still liquid in the bottle, but it turns into a foam as soon as it is squeezed out. The structure of this kind of travel-si...
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  • The Convenient Fine Mist Sprayer
    Jul 07 , 2022
    1. Introduction of the fine mist sprayerWe have more and more contact with the packaging form of fine mist sprayer in our daily life. Many toner plastic bottles, cosmetic plastic bottles, etc. use the...
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  • 650ml PE Bottles With Pump For Shampoo Gel
    Jun 28 , 2022
    The 650ml flat plastic bottle has excellent high and low temperature resistance, low gas and water vapor permeability, and excellent gas barrier, water, oil and odor properties. Therefore, the 650ml f...
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  • 300ml 500ml 1000ml New Style PE Bottles With Cap
    Jun 14 , 2022
    300ml 500ml 1000ml New PE bottle with cap is perfect for hair care products and cosmetics. 300ml 500ml 1000ml The new capped PE bottle is durable, not easy to deform and has good sealing performance. ...
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  • About 120ml Green New Style PE Bottle With Cap
    May 24 , 2022
    The 120ml green new style PE bottle with cap is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has excellent low temperature resistance (minimum operating temperature can reach -70℃~-100℃), good chemical stab...
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  • Fine Mist Sprayers for Cleaning Supplies and Hotel Amenities
    May 10 , 2022
    1. Fine mist sprayer for cleaning suppliesThe fine mist sprayer is durable and can be used to dispense a range of liquid products, including all natural cleaning products, sanitizers, and more. White,...
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  • The Components of a Fine Mist Sprayer
    Apr 21 , 2022
    Ⅰ. About the fine mist sprayerThe fine mist sprayers have grooves on the inside of their orifice cups (the fancy name for the little plastic pieces that the liquid sprays). They have a small hole for...
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  • The Application of the Aluminium Jar in Food
    Apr 07 , 2022
    If you're like most people, you've experienced countless aluminium jars of soda or beer in your life, but never thought that aluminium jars themselves might be anything special. Even if you...
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  • Learn About Aluminum Jars in Your Life
    Jan 19 , 2022
    1. Understand aluminum jarsAluminium jars are the most environmentally friendly and recyclable container types in the world. Aluminum jarss allow beverages inside to retain their taste while protectin...
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  • What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Jars?
    Jan 05 , 2022
    Aluminium jars are the most sustainable beverage packaging in almost every way. Aluminum jars have higher recycling rates and more recycled content than competing packaging types. They are lightweight...
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  • Recycling and Benefits of Aluminium Jar
    Dec 15 , 2021
    Aluminium jar is very important to the United States. Many of our favorite beverages are located under the pull-tab or screw cap. Coors pioneered the use of aluminium jar in 1959. Since then, sales of...
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  • Why Do You Use Aluminum Bottles to Drink Water and Drinks?
    Dec 01 , 2021
    Water bottles are usually made of different materials, but the more common one is aluminum. The production of aluminum drinking water bottles starts with an extruder (single movement), through which c...
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  • What Are the Benefits of Using Aluminum Bottles?
    Nov 25 , 2021
    Nowadays, manufacturers can choose a variety of cosmetic containers, so it is difficult to determine which type is best for each product. The use of various materials requires safety issues to be solv...
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  • How to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Product?
    Nov 18 , 2021
    The common materials for bottles on the market today are plastic or glass, and they are becoming more and more homogeneous. However, the scope of marketing innovation should not be limited to the cont...
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  • Why Do We Choose Aluminum Jar?
    Nov 11 , 2021
    Although other packaging materials may have some of the characteristics of aluminum, they cannot replace all the advantages of aluminum can packaging. Aluminum enables designers, engineers, and manufa...
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