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Have You Ever Seen Shampoo Bottles Made of Recycled Plastic?

1. Types of reusable shampoo bottles

1) Refillable bottles for shampoo

More and more shampoos must maintain good antibacterial properties during the filling process. As a result, the refillable bottles for shampoo has become the best subpackage container for shampoo, which is very convenient to take and use. Moreover, the refillable plastic shampoo bottle is convenient for long-distance transportation, which can save transportation costs.

2) Refillable shampoo bottle with pump

The refillable shampoo square bottle with pump has a high-quality pump head design. Users can press it as they want, and can control the amount of use at one time, without causing waste. Besides it is not easy to cause liquid leakage.

2. The benefits of reusable shampoo bottles

The reusable shampoo bottle can be reused and refilled, reducing the use of plastic, and can be filled with non-corrosive and non-thick liquids.

3. How to recycle shampoo bottles?

Generally, refillable shampoo containers are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is easy to recycle. Although all shampoo bottles (except bottle caps and pumps) are recyclable, this does not mean that we only need to throw empty bottles into the recycling bin. You need to follow some steps to recycle the shampoo bottles.

1) Ensure that HDPE bottles can be recycled as expected.

So sort all white bottles because they can be recycled.

2) Next, remove the drivepipe from the HDPE shampoo bottle, because the drivepipe cannot be recycled.

3) Finally, thoroughly rinse the shampoo bottle to remove the shampoo remaining in the bottle or near the bottom.

4. More recycling techniques for shampoo bottle

1). Designate a recycling space for shampoo bottles

You need to put a small basket or trash can near the bathroom so that you can store the used shampoo bottles.

2). Buy reusable shampoo bottles

By purchasing reusable shampoo bottles wholesale to reduce plastic consumption, the service life of bottles will be longer and less packaging will be used as a whole.

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