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Learn About Aluminum Jars in Your Life

1. Understand aluminum jars

Aluminium jars are the most environmentally friendly and recyclable container types in the world. Aluminum jarss allow beverages inside to retain their taste while protecting them from the negative effects of the elements. Also, the jar itself will not rust or lose its properties in any other way. More than half of the aluminum that exists today will be recycled. In some countries, the share of aluminum jars in circulation is much higher than others, for example in Germany, 95% of beverages are contained in aluminum jars.

On average, it takes only 60 days to manufacture an aluminum jar, fill it with a drink, ship it to a store, sell it to a customer, recycle it and make a new jar from it. This is a process that can be repeated indefinitely. Aluminum cans are more expensive to produce than glass bottles, but their use in production is 3.5% cheaper than using glass bottles. For example, when beverages must be transported over long distances, aluminum jars offer significant cost savings because they are lighter than bottles and do not break. A modern 0.33 liter beverage can weighs approximately 25 grams and has a wall thickness of no more than 0.08 mm.

Aluminum containers can be recycled an unlimited number of times without degrading the quality of recycled aluminum jars. Recycling significantly reduces overall energy consumption, thereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Making cans from recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy than making cans from virgin aluminum. Beverages in aluminium jars retain their taste after production and offer 100% protection from oxygen, light, moisture and other elements.

2. Design and environmental protection of aluminum jars

Aluminum canned beverages made their debut in 1958, when both companies offered beer in aluminum cans. The original aluminum cans had special rings that you had to pull to open. The entire top of the jar will peel off. Modern manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the design of aluminum jars. For example, a new design with a double wall has been developed: the outer layer is removed before drinking, making the jar hygienic. Some jars can be closed after opening, allowing only a portion of the drink to be consumed, while the rest are stored for future use.

The global aluminum jar production capacity exceeds 250 billion cans per year. 40% of the capacity is in the United States, with Japan in second place, followed by Brazil and China. Over half of the world's aluminum jars are recycled. More than 113,000 cans are recycled around the world every minute. It is estimated that recycling one aluminum container can save enough energy to keep a 100-watt light on for nearly four hours. Thus, the annual energy savings by recycling aluminum jars is equivalent to 20 million barrels of oil or 12 billion kWh of electricity.

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