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Food And Beverage

Yansen's PET bottles and jars have great sealed storage performance that can help to store food and beverage keep your kitchen clean.

PET Bottles and Jars Application in Food And Beverage

PET bottles and jars made by Yansen are clear, non-toxic, and of good quality that can be used in your daily life. Besides those used for personal care such as our quality wholesale hair product bottles, the containers can also be applied in your kitchen to store rock sugar, seasoning, spice, grains, beans. By using the containers, you can have a tidy kitchen. Contact Yansen to get more information about the products.

Food Grade Bottles Wholesale

Here we can see that different sizes of PET jars that store dry flowers and teas, beans, etc. This kind of food storage jar can accept custom order.

Yansen Food Grade Bottles Wholesale

Food Grade Bottles Wholesale

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