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30mL 50mL 100mL 200mL 250mL 500mL Travel-size Aluminum Bottles With Sprayer With Alumite Head With Fine Mist

Travel-size aluminum bottles with sprayers can be the best choice during the journey. The charming and smooth body shape can make you elegant and glamorous. When you are on vacation, the little travel-size bottle saves your package space and makes it clean and tidy. Using such kind of bottle with a sprayer, it is convenient for you to squeeze the body lotion, emulsion, essential oil, etc out of the bottle. 

Due to the practical design, it is available for taking along on a trip. Considering the environmentally friendly materials used in the bottle, you do not worry about the safety issue. The aluminum bottle reduces friction between items and prevents the liquid from flowing out. As a reliable supplier in aluminum spray bottles bulk, we promise to produce high-quality and exquisite travel-size aluminum bottles with sprayer. Welcome to purchase our travel-size aluminum bottles with the sprayer!

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Application of the Travel-size Aluminum Bottles With Sprayer

Travel-size aluminum bottles with sprayer have a wide range of uses, including clothing packaging, food storage, general packaging, jewelry packaging cans, medicine cans, candy cans, perfume aerosol cans. Travel-size aluminum bottles, whether sprayer aluminum bottles or screw top aluminum bottles, are largely harmless to the skin because they form a very dense oxide film when exposed to air.

For example, we can put essential oils in aluminum bottles with a sprayer. As essential oil is a kind of pure natural essence extracted from plants, it is relatively volatile and afraid of chemical reactions. Then using aluminum bottles with sprayers can reduce the light transmission and lower the amount of volatilization. For professional long-term storage of essential oils in large quantities, aluminum spray bottles with fine mist are preferred. Because glass bottles are transparent and copper cans cost more. They are harder to process and weigh less than aluminum bottles. 

A sprayer used in this bottle is easy to remove to another same size bottle, which can save the material. For example, you can put a lot of water into the bottle and make use of the sprayer as a watering can head. It is a multi-function bottle as long as you can think of the role it plays.

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