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30ml 60ml 80ml 100ml UPG PETG Square Bottle for Emulsion, Essential Oil, Hand Sanitizer and Face Wash

Yansen provides good-quality and modern style UPG PETG square bottles. We provide square bottles of different sizes and capacities considering your needs. 30mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm UPG PETG square bottles are available, which are popular for their tiny and exquisite body shape and simple appearance. We also provide diverse colors of your choice such as pink, yellow, brown, white, etc. 

We are committed to being one of the most reliable bottling and packaging companies to satisfy the requirements of our customers. All of the PETG bottles such as our clear bottles for shampoo are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are healthy and safe. The nozzle of the UPG PETG square bottle can spray around 10,000 times. It is suitable for dispensing watering cans and detergents. What is more, a variety of applications can be achieved in UPG PETG square bottles such as homo decor, travel bottles, and so on.

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Application of the UPG PETG Square Bottle

1. Put body lotion, emulsion, essential oil, etc. in the UPG PETG square bottle.

Unlike our large capacity mousse pump bottle, UPG PETG square bottle is usually very small. Then you might pack some eye cream or hand cream inside the square bottle in the summer. Daubing emulsion, essential oil, hand sanitizer on the elbow or joint parts that often get rubbed, let the skin stay soft all the time.

2. Use the UPG PETG square bottle for DIY scented wax.  

Take a few essential oils and drop them into different colored UPG PETG square bottles. Add melted white wax and you will have a natural scented candle.  

3. Use the UPG PETG square bottle as home decor.

Some beautiful UPG PETG square bottles can be inserted into some dry flowers and installed next to fine sand. It is very beautiful when you put it in a place where there is a spot lamp.

4. UPG PETG square bottle can be tripped and bottled.  

Compared with our quality shampoo square bottle, UPG PETG square bottle has a more delicate body and regular shape. Aloe vera gel, for example, is easy to carry around in this kind of square bottle. It looks elegant in texture.  

5. UPG PETG square bottle can be used for storage.  

Pushpins, paper clips, ear pins, etc. can be put into the UPG PETG square bottle. It is easy to pick up them and safe enough for repeated use.

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