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Bottle Accessories

Filp, Disc, Screw, Tip Cap & Mist Sprayer Wholesale

Bottle Accessory

Yansen provides various custom bottle & Jar accessories for your choice. You may find flip cap, tip cap, disc cap, screw bottle cap, and mist sprayer at Yansen. All of the bottle accessories are of high-quality, providing comprehensive and best services for customers.

  • Flip Cap
  • Disc Cap

    Disc Cap

    Yansen provides two kinds of Plastic Bottles Disc Top Caps: 20mm 20-410 disc top cap and 24mm 24-410 disc top cap. You can order the matching Disc Top Caps when you are purchasing aluminum bottles.Mad...
  • Screw Bottle Cap

    Screw Bottle Cap

    Yansen provides different sizes screw caps, 18mm 18-410, 20mm 20-410, 24mm 24-410 aluminum caps, and 18/20/24 PP plastic screw caps. There are small plastic bottles with screw caps that are popular in...
  • Tip Cap
  • Mist Sprayer

    Mist Sprayer

    Yansen mist sprayer is fit for the fine mist glitter spray bottle. There are 18mm 18-410, 20mm 20-410 and 24mm 24-410 sprayers for sale. The spray bottle with fine mist or water bottle with face spray...
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