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Aluminum Bottles

Custom Aluminum Bottles

Yansen Refillable Aluminum Bottle

Yansen provides good-quality and modern style aluminum bottles wholesale. Although the aluminum bottles will also be corroded, alumina will adhere to the corrosion surface and form a protective film to prevent further corrosion. We have aluminum spray bottles wholesale, aluminum bottles with pump, aluminum bottles with screw cap, etc. if you are in need of any aluminum bottles in bulk, please feel free to contact us.

Bulk Reusable Aluminum Bottles Wholesale

Custom Aluminum Bottle

1. Custom size 

2. Custom shape

3. Custom logo and packaging

4. Custom cap

Custom aluminum bottle offers a great way to promote your brand. These bottles are designed with an easy-to-grip section made from health polymers and a shape that fits neatly into standard cup holders. The textured grip makes holding comfortable, while the large cap is easy to open and reseal. Welcome to contact us to customize aluminum bottles.

Why Choose Yansen Aluminum Bottles

1. Highly leak-proof, good sealing performance.

2. With silver lining that reflects sunlight, helping preserve temperature. 

3. Various styles and models to choose from, and custom service available

4. It's lightweight, sturdy design makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold.

5. With years production experience, the quality of the bottles can be well ensured.

6. Made of quality raw material, our aluminum bottles go through rigorous testing before exporting.

Aluminum Bottles VS Plastic

1. Aluminum bottles are more lightweight and cost less to ship than plastic bottles. 

2. Aluminum bottles can be recycled much more times than plastic bottles and are much more durable, making them much better for the environment.

3. Aluminum also has a higher resistance to heat (can take high temperatures without leaching chemicals) and retains less odor causing agents.

4. Aluminum bottles are safer to use, there is no substance harmful to people′s health.

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