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PET Juice Bottles Wholesale

Customize your plastic beverage bottle -- a sustainable alternative!

Our custom beverage bottles allow you to take product branding and sustainability to a whole new level. These stunning designs, available in a variety of sizes, make them suitable for a variety of freshly squeezed juices, cold drinks and another beverage packaging, we offer a range of different printing and customisation techniques to add character and appeal to your beverage bottles Eye-catching appearance. Not only do these bottles look gorgeous, but they are also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Set yourself apart from the competition in style and sustainability. Make sure your products stand out from the crowd with our custom beverage bottles!

At Yansen, we are happy to help you design and manufacture your own custom plastic beverage bottles. Below, we'll give you more insight into the possibilities we offer for your bottle design. If you have any further questions or are interested in using custom plastic bottles for your brand, please feel free to contact us directly:

Why choose PET plastic bottles?

Aside from its appearance and sustainability, custom-made beverage bottles offer many benefits over traditional beverage bottles. Traditionally, beverage bottles are usually made of glass. Glass bottles may seem premium, safer, and more sustainable than plastic bottles, but their weight and flimsy design make them expensive and prone to breakage. PET is a highly transparent material, and its hardness and toughness are stronger than other plastic products, and it is not environmentally friendly and non-toxic. PET plastic bottles are not only widely used in the packaging of carbonated drinks, drinking water, fruit juices, enzymes and tea drinks, etc., but are also the most widely used beverage packaging today, and are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging and many other fields.

If you are looking for a great alternative to traditional bottle packaging to get your beverages noticed, our PET plastic beverage bottles are a great choice for you.

Our plastic beverage bottles come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes, are in stock, drop shipping, and can be customized with different printing techniques. We also offer different cap options to suit all your bottling needs. These stunning plastic beverage bottles help individual companies stand out in a crowded market in terms of uniqueness and sustainability. Using custom plastic beverage bottles is guaranteed to enhance the customer's overall beverage experience.

If you are interested in using custom plastic beverage bottles for your products, the first and most important step is to create an eye-catching design. At Yansen, we have a team of professional designers who are happy to help you design and create a custom bottle that perfectly represents your product and brand. Of course, we are also more than happy to take existing designs and apply them to our plastic beverage bottles.

When you create a design for a custom plastic beverage bottle, there are certain aspects you can consider. Consider, for example, the size and shape of the bottle as well as the closure mechanism and custom method used. We offer a variety of different bottle shapes and sizes as well as multiple printing techniques to add custom designs. When combined in the right way, these allow you to create an eye-catching plastic beverage bottle guaranteed to grab attention on the shelf.

Plastic beverage bottles in custom shapes and sizes

Aside from the printed design of the plastic beverage bottle, the unique shape can really make it stand out from the crowd. That's why we offer a huge selection of different bottle shapes. In total, there are hundreds of striking bottle styles to choose from. Of course, if you are looking for something completely different, we can also produce custom shapes and sizes on demand.

The table below shows each of our 10 standard beverage bottle shapes. We continue to introduce new products every month, and our beverage bottle sizes range from 30ml to 600ml. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our drinking bottles are perfect for any type of beverage. We have it all. Just let us know which bottle shape you prefer and the capacity you're looking for, and we'll be happy to customize a variety of beverage bottles for you.

1.Eye-catching customization

Now that you've chosen the bottle volume and shape that best matches your product and brand, it's time to think about how to customize your bottles to give them a more personal touch. For our plastic beverage bottles, we offer one main custom technology: offset printing. This printing technique allows you to add vivid and colorful designs to your bottles, making them stand out from the crowd. 100% safe for food packaging by offset printing, using sustainably sourced coatings. Additionally, embossing can be added to make your piece stand out more.

2.Screen printing/labelling and other printing methods

When it comes to adding custom prints to your beverage bottles, labelling and screen printing offset printing is by far the most commonly used custom techniques. For our beverage bottles, we can offer screen printing in up to a variety of different colors. This printing technique is perfect for customers looking to add multi-colored images to their bottles that will really make them stand out from the crowd. Screen printing is known to provide crisp, vivid and high-quality results where every detail of your design is clearly visible. Since most of the costs associated with screen printing are incurred during the setup process, screen printing becomes more affordable when used for high volume orders.

3.Custom lids and closures for your plastic beverage bottles

Once you've decided on the shape and volume of the bottle and selected the best printing technology to customize your plastic beverage bottle, it's time to think about which cap to use. Our plastic drinking bottles are most often equipped with a standard roll-on cap (ROPP). These ROPP caps are also made of aluminium, giving your bottle full aluminium so it is 100% recyclable. ROPP caps form a tamper-proof seal after use. On the first opening, the tamper-evident tape on the ROPP cap breaks, reminding the customer that the bottle has been opened before. These high-end metal covers ensure evidence of tampering as well as prevent spillage of contents. This makes them the number one choice for use with our aluminum beverage bottles.

In addition to ROPP caps, we also offer a variety of other options for you to choose from. These include standard screw cap, flip cap, disc cap, etc. For more information on the types of caps we offer for beverage bottles, please contact us by email. As needed, we are able to adjust our beverage bottles accordingly to fit any type of cap.

4.Sampling, production and minimum order quantities

Now that you've gone through every step and you know what your custom beverage bottle will look like, we're all set for production. For wholesale orders, we accept a minimum order quantity of 100 sets for spot goods, and for customized plastic bottles, we accept orders of more than 10,000 sets. Because of this high MOQ and the cost involved, we know you want to be 100% sure the end result is what you want first. That's why we always recommend our new customers order custom samples first.

Once all the steps are done together, we are able to custom produce your beverage bottle samples on demand. This will give you the possibility to see the exact end result of the bottle before committing to a wholesale order. For more information on placing custom sample orders and associated fees, please email us at After confirming all the details, we will gladly reply to you for the sample cost of the custom bottle, if you continue the wholesale order after receiving the sample, we will refund the sample cost of your bottle in full with a discount!

For more information on how to design custom plastic beverage bottles with Yansen, please feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you within 2 hours. We look forward to receiving your inquiries and assisting you in creating custom and personal plastic beverage bottles designed for your products.

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