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PET Spray Bottle Wholesale

As one of the leading PET spray bottle packaging suppliers, Yansen provides good quality PET spray bottles wholesale. There are various spray bottles of different sizes, colours and spray nozzles that can be used to store water, facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, etc.

Yansen PET Spray Bottles Advantages

  1. Yansen PET spray bottles are lightweight, easy to transport and store. 

    PET is a lightweight material that makes it easier to transport than glass or metal bottles. This also makes it more cost effective because you can save on fuel costs when using PET bottles instead of heavier materials like glass or metal containers.

  2. PET spray bottles can be recycled, no harm to environment.

  3. PET spray bottles are a good alternative to glass bottles, which can be heavy and break easily.

  4. PET spray bottles come in many different shapes and sizes, making them easy to be customized for your needs.

  5. Chemical Resistance - PET has excellent chemical resistance properties which means that PET spray bottles can be used for many different types of liquids without them reacting with the container itself (or leaching chemicals into the liquid). This makes it ideal for storing foodstuffs as well as cosmetic products such as shampoo or conditioner without contaminating them with chemicals from the bottle itself!

  6. High Density - PET is highly durable due to its high density - meaning that PET spray bottles will not easily break even if dropped onto concrete surfaces (it's still recommended not doing this though!).

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