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The Components of a Fine Mist Sprayer

Ⅰ. About the fine mist sprayer

The fine mist sprayers have grooves on the inside of their orifice cups (the fancy name for the little plastic pieces that the liquid sprays). They have a small hole for the liquid to spray out, and the grooves and holes create a fine mist. Fine mist sprayers deliver shorter, smoother, softer mists, which are popular in personal care and cosmetic products. Regular sprayers will dispense longer, tighter and denser spray patterns.

The fine mist sprayer is designed with the user in mind. The spring-loaded dispense and sloped top require minimal effort for continuous spray. Each fine mist sprayer includes a clear styrene cover. This highly durable plastic cover fits snugly over the sprayer head to prevent accidental dispensing.

Ⅱ. The components of the fine mist sprayer

These are the components that allow the fine mist sprayer to turn the liquid stream into mist:

1. Dust Cap: This cap is usually made of clear PP plastic and acts as a dust cover and safety cap to prevent the actuator from accidentally dispensing product.

2. Actuator: This is what you push down to dispense the product, and unlike the lotion pump actuator, it has internal components to create a specific atomization pattern of the product. The consumer pushes down to squirt the product out of the bottle. Some actuators also feature a lockout to prevent accidental dispensing.

3. Insert: This tiny part is where the liquid flows to create the mist-like pattern and is mounted on the outside of the actuator. This is where the product leaves the sprayer.

4. Closing: The cap holds the entire assembly together and secures it to the bottle. It is usually made of PP plastic and comes in many different finishes and design options, including but not limited to metal on the casing.

5. Gasket: This is what seals the cap of the fine mist sprayer to the bottle to prevent leaks. Different products and chemistries require different material choices, so this is the most important part of testing to ensure compatibility.

6. Mechanism: The mechanism is actually a combination of many different components, including the piston, stem, seal, spring, and housing cover. This is what transfers the product from the bottle to the actuator. Depressing the brake draws product up the dip tube, through the piston towards the brake, and from there through the insert.

7. Dip Tube: This is the long plastic tube that goes from the bottom of the bottle into the fine mist sprayer. Unlike the thicker lotion pump dip tube, the sprayer dip tube is thinner and usually slightly curved to allow it to reach the bottom in order to be able to dispense all of the product's contents.

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