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The Convenient Fine Mist Sprayer

1. Introduction of the fine mist sprayer

We have more and more contact with the packaging form of fine mist sprayer in our daily life. Many toner plastic bottles, cosmetic plastic bottles, etc. use the nozzle type. Generally, PET plastic bottles and PE plastic bottles are the main ones. Different from the traditional bottle cap sealing, the liquid packaged by the fine mist sprayer is presented in the form of squeezing and spraying. This change is greatly convenient for people. For products, the packaging becomes more user-friendly by spraying.

Fine mist sprayer pumps rely on a spring-loaded plastic piston, and this process is carried out by a vertical pump mechanism or trigger. When you press the pump or pull the trigger, the liquid is forcefully ejected from the piston container through the nozzle. There is usually a screw that holds the nozzle to the adjustment cap. After each spray operation, the piston retracts automatically, creating a vacuum in the compartment and more liquid is received through the bottle tube.

2. The fine mist sprayer brings convenience

The appearance of fine mist sprayer has brought great convenience to everyone: high quality and environmental protection, easy recycling; good sealing; dosage can be well controlled, which can bring good convenience in many fields, such as medical treatment, wound It is not suitable for smearing on or in the mouth, then a spray pump comes in handy.

There are many reasons why a fine mist sprayer stops working. Sometimes the nozzle needs to be fixed, and sometimes the pipe needs to be fixed. Before repairing the bottle, it's important to figure out where the problem is or what could be wrong. Once you know where the real problem is, you can apply some methods to improve the fine mist sprayer and make it useful and effective again.

3. How to choose a fine mist sprayer?

For a spray plastic bottle, how to judge its advantages? We think there are the following aspects: first of all, as for the nozzle design of the spray head packaged by the fine mist sprayer, the liquid particles sprayed by a good fine mist sprayer must be fine and uniform, which is the primary condition for judging. Especially for medical packaging, spraying the affected area evenly is more scientific and precise for the control of medication. Secondly, whether the nozzle of the fine mist sprayer is convenient to squeeze and whether the force is moderate, because the squeezing requires a lot of force, it is definitely unpopular for girls, and the third is whether the tube in the nozzle of the fine mist sprayer can be used every time. It is also a very important point to squeeze the liquid in the fine mist sprayer clean, and there will be no residue left.

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