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What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Jars?

Aluminium jars are the most sustainable beverage packaging in almost every way. Aluminum jars have higher recycling rates and more recycled content than competing packaging types. They are lightweight, stackable and strong, enabling brands to pack and ship more beverages using less material.

1. The recycled content of aluminum jars

Aluminium jars are unique in that they are most often directly recycled, which means that regular aluminium jars have a very high percentage of recycled content. Aluminium jars are more than 3 times more recycled than glass or plastic estimated by the EPA, with an average of 73% recycled. Since producing aluminium from recycled material requires only 8% of the energy compared to producing new aluminium, high recycling volumes are a good indicator of a can's environmental footprint. Recycled content calculations include metals from post-consumer and post-industrial waste sources and comply with ISO reporting standards.

2. Material value of aluminum jars

Aluminium jars contribute to municipal recycling schemes. Many of these schemes rely on resale of recycled materials, and the high value of aluminium in the recycling stream effectively subsidizes the recycling of lower-value materials in the bins. The report found that aluminum jar waste was worth an average of $1,210 a tonne, while plastic (PET) was worth $237 a tonne and glass was worth $21 a tonne.

3. Aluminium jars in transport refrigeration

ICF International found that, under the same conditions, the combined greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the refrigeration of aluminum canned beverages are lower, with emissions associated with transporting and cooling aluminum cans being 7%-21%, which is lower than that of plastic bottles and glass bottle. On a per-container basis, beverage packaging averaged 12 ounces, with aluminum cans 45% lower than 12-ounce glass bottles.

While aluminum beverage cans are the most recyclable and recyclable beverage containers on the market today, there is more that can be done to improve can recycling rates. Making cans from recycled aluminum can save more than 90% of the energy needed to make new cans. The energy saved by recycling 100% of aluminum cans can power 4.1 million homes for a full year.

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