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What Are the Advantages of Using Recycled PET Bottles for Pharmaceutical Packaging?

1. Understand recycled PET bottles

Due to the limitation of glass material, manufacturing and recycling will cause certain environmental pollution. With the development of science and technology, recycled PET bottles can already be recycled and reused after recycling, thereby reducing damage to the environment. The glass bottle is fragile and is not 100% safe for children or the elderly to use. In addition, due to the strong thermal conductivity of glass, the glass bottle is extremely harmful to the skin when it is used to hold hot liquid. You get burned accidentally, and recycled PET bottles are completely free of such concerns.

Recycled PET bottles almost monopolized medicinal oral liquid bottles and health care bottles, and once caused the price of raw materials to rise. What makes it so noticeable? What are the advantages of using recycled PET bottles for pharmaceutical packaging? Generally, you can consult us, since we are one of the professional PET bottle suppliers.

2. Advantages of recycled PET bottles for medical packaging

First of all, recycled PET bottles such as our quality 30ml pet plastic bottles are light in weight, easy to form, and have a strong body. Its strength and elasticity are significantly higher than other plastic materials, and it can withstand considerable impact without being damaged. It is most suitable as a thin-walled, light-weight, and high-strength pharmaceutical packaging bottle.

Secondly, medical recycled PET bottles have good gas barrier properties. Among the commonly used plastic materials, recycled PET bottles like our safe 40ml pet bottles have the best barrier properties against water vapor and oxygen, which can fully meet the special storage requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. PET has excellent chemical resistance and can be used for packaging all items except strong alkalis and some organic solvents.

Thirdly, the recycling rate of PET resin is higher than that of other plastics. When it is burned as waste, it is flammable due to its low combustion calorific value and does not produce harmful gases. The most important thing is that food packaging made of recycled PET bottles meets food hygiene requirements, because PET resin is not only a harmless resin, but also a pure resin without any additives.

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