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What is the Principle of Foam Bottle? How to Use a Travel Foam Bottle?

1. What is the principle of travel-size foaming bottle?

The hand sanitizer is still liquid in the bottle, but it turns into a foam as soon as it is squeezed out. The structure of this kind of travel-size foaming bottle, which has become popular in recent years, is not complicated, but a foaming structure is added on the basis of the original push-type suction pump.

When we press the pump head on a normal hand sanitizer bottle, the piston inside the pump presses down, and the down valve (the small bead under the spring) closes, and the air in it is forced upwards.

After letting go, the spring is restored, and the lower valve is opened. At this time, the air pressure in the pump becomes lower, and the atmospheric pressure will "squeeze" the liquid into the suction pipe.

The foam bottle has a larger chamber near the pump head for making and storing the foam, which is connected to a small pump for air intake.


The detergent in the bottle usually needs to be pre-diluted with water, and the liquid is pumped through a nylon mesh full of small holes before being pumped into the chamber. The net acts like a bath flower or sponge, and the porous structure allows the surfactants in the detergent to fully contact the air in the cavity to form a rich lather.

The "mousse" used to shape hairstyles is also a kind of foam, and its foaming principle is different and requires the help of propellants. This reagent is liquid in the high-pressure environment in the bottle. After exiting from the nozzle, it immediately vaporizes and expands under normal pressure, so that the liquid material mixed with the surfactant turns into foam.

2. How to use the travel-size foaming bottle?

First of all, we have purchased a suitable travel size foaming bottle, which can be purchased according to personal needs.

Add a certain amount of facial cleanser to the foaming bottle.

Then we add water to the foaming bottle. The ratio of facial cleanser and water is about 1:3 to 1:5, and you need to judge by yourself.

Then cover the lid and shake, otherwise the foaming effect will not be achieved.

Then we shake it vigorously and squeeze out the facial cleanser bubbles.

Remember to shake it again before use.

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